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Robo Advisor created for Fürst Fugger Privatbank - tradition meets modern technology

With the «semi-robo» from SOBACO Betax, which was specially developed for Fürst Fugger Privatbank, both companies have opened up new ways of communicating with customers.

In addition to the proven portfolio management solution MyWebDepot and the associated onboarding and consulting processes, a powerful robo advisory module has now been added. «Jakob», the robo advisor, was presented live to the liability umbrella members, customer advisors and interested parties during the autumn roadshow of Fürst Fugger Privatbank. One of the unique features of this robo advisor is the video interaction. From its workplace in Augsburg Jakob gives information about the functionalities of different investments and leads the customers through the consulting and depot opening process. For this innumerable real videos were made, depending upon the user case set to music and integrated into the program. «As a technical provider, we kept out of the robo advisor segment for a long time. After the presentation of Fürst Fugger Privatbank’s concept over a year ago, their enthusiasm spread to my entire team, which was a great benefit to the intensive project work with the colleagues from Augsburg,» says Jörg Richard, CEO of SOBACO Betax AG, still enthusiastically.

Read more about Jakob here (German only).

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